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Synology Diskstation DS916+ for Business

StorageWritten by Kevin Cheng on .

Read more: Synology Diskstation DS916+ for BusinessProgress is inevitable, each year hardware gets a little spec bump with some oomph and a bit of ahh. have had been lucky enough to have the Synology Diskstation DS916+ on the test bench for quite some time.

The DS916+ is pitched at the professional NAS user segment, with productivity and scalability in mind.

This time around DigitalReviews will focus on the productivity side of DSM.

Logitech Z337 Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker System - Bold Sound for Small Budgets

AudioWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Logitech Z337 Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker System - Bold Sound for Small Budgets

On my desk are 3 Logitech products we reviewed and that have been there for ages and are in daily use still: the X-530 speakers (12 years old!), the G-15 Gaming Keyboard and the Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse, both 10 years old.

Message: buy a Logitech product and expect a long and good life together...

So, even though it wasn’t time to replace the X-530 speaker system when Logitech came out recently with the Z337 Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system I was keen to try. My only concern was the low price. Does this mean that the sound would also be low end?

Let’s hear and find out.

The Power Couple: QNAP TBS-453A 4-Bay NASbook with ADATA M.2 SSDs Reviewed

StorageWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: The Power Couple: QNAP TBS-453A 4-Bay NASbook with ADATA M.2 SSDs Reviewed
Here at we have been reviewing NAS storage units for about a decade, from very simple one or two bay units to enterprise level rack monsters.

Nothing much surprises us anymore in that field. Except when QNAP announced its NASbook.

This is a form factor that will attract many new users and one of the reasons for its anticipated success will have nothing to do with QNAP but the type of SSDs used in this unit.

We elected to equip them with 4 M2 SSDs from ADATA, a great combination.

Let’s see what this is all about.

CyberPower PR2200ELCDSL UPS – Not Just for when the Lights Go Out....

MiscellaneousWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: CyberPower PR2200ELCDSL UPS – Not Just for when the Lights Go Out....
To survive as human beings we need air, water, food and shelter. In this modern age you may certainly add electric power to that short list. Without adequate power all but the basic agrarian societies would collapse.

Have you experienced a power outage lately? If you were in South Australia recently you would have experienced a major inconvenience at the very least when everything went dark. And even when the power goes back on the dramas are not over yet for many businesses where computers did not shut down properly when the power tripped.

Enter the Domain of the Uninterruptible Power Supply.
How can a UPS benefit not only businesses but also households?

We will have a look at why UPS units are lifelines for electronic equipment.

Specifically, we are looking at the 2200VA unit from CyberPower.

Synology Conference 2017 - Melbourne

Industry NewsWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Synology Conference 2017 - MelbourneEarlier this week we attended Synology 2017 at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre. At the Conference Synology announced a number of new products and services including a 24 bay SSD NAS, an Australian advanced NAS replacement program and upcoming DSM features such as an Office Suite for Synology NAS devices and Synology’s new public cloud backup solution, Cloud Squared.

Also announced at the event was Synology’s first 12bay 3RU RS3617xs+ which is rated at over 500,000 IOPS and the upcoming RT2600ac router which we are itching to get our hands on.

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