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Ulead PhotoImpact X3 Released

Industry NewsWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Ulead PhotoImpact X3 ReleasedUlead has updated its excellent image editing software with the release of PhotoImpact X3.

Along with the cornucopia of image manipulation features present in previous versions, X3 features a bunch of new features, including enhanced ExpressFix, comic strip and collage creation, unique cloud pen tool and as a result of Ulead's new affiliation with Corel, the inclusion of two Corel applications: Corel Painter Essentials 3 and Corel Media One media management software.

And at $99AU, PhotoImpact seems incredible value.

While we try to secure a copy for review, you can find out more (and even download a 30 day trial copy) from Ulead's international website.


Wake Up in Style: Cue Acoustics Cue r1 Radio

Industry NewsWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Wake Up in Style: Cue Acoustics Cue r1 RadioThe Cue r1 is an elegant iPod clock/radio with features a plenty and an audiophile pedigree.

Like most modern clock/radios, the r1 has an auto dimming LCD, along with dual alarms and an enhanced AM/FM tuner. Unlike most clock radios however, it features what Cue Acoustics calls, "touch sensitive" tuning which is some sort of tactile feedback mechanism.


The sound is handled by a bi-amplified 3.5 inch high-power woofer/mid-range speaker and a 3/4 inch silk dome tweeter.


The r1's dimensions are smaller than a US "Letter" sized piece of paper and it will ship with a full featured remote.


The r1 should be available in the third quarter with a retail price of $399US, but interested parties can sign up for information updates at the Cue Acoustics website today.


Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router Review

MiscellaneousWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router ReviewLet's not pretend otherwise: Routers are normally pretty boring devices. The best routers tend to quietly do their job in anonymity amongst the Rat king of cables hidden away from view.

If you do happen to intentionally glance at your router, it usually coincides with the words, Why are you not working? Expletives optional.

The Belkin N1 Vision takes this truth and attempts to turns it on its head. Here is a router that wants to be looked at.

Read on to find out why..


Cyberlink PowerDirector v6 First Look

VideoWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Cyberlink PowerDirector v6 First LookRecently I bought a JVC Everio HDD camcorder which came bundled with some CyberLink software for editing video. 

This OEM version of PowerDirector Express was easy to work with for a neophyte such as me but ultimately would be rather limited. 

Subsequently I acquired the full version of PowerDirector v6 and checked it out.

Here are my initial findings.


RiDATA EZ Yego USB Flash Storage/USB Hub Reviewed

StorageWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: RiDATA EZ Yego USB Flash Storage/USB Hub ReviewedThe Y shaped EZ Yego USB flash drive stands out from the rest of the pack, not least of which because of its intriguing shape.

The unique 'Y' shape is indicative of its party trick: The EZ Yego not only stores up to 4GB of data, but it also acts as a mini hub for USB 2.0 devices.



Read on for more..


Eaton Powerware 5110 and 3105 UPS Reviewed

MiscellaneousWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Eaton Powerware 5110 and 3105 UPS ReviewedAs our digital lives increase in importance and volume, so too does the risk - and cost - of losing the data that makes it all possible.


While keeping up to date back-ups and storing your data in RAIDs is a good start, it all means nothing without an adequate supply of power - Especially during a power outage when critical equipment needs to be shutdown to avoid data loss.


Eaton's range of Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) aim to provide this power and with it, peace of mind.

Read on for our review..


Melways GPS - Navway Professional Street Navigator

Industry NewsWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Melways GPS - Navway Professional Street NavigatorLike AFL, Melways is a Melbourne institution. Sure, there are other street directories out there, but there's only one Melways.

And don't think I'm joking - If you get into my car with anything else you'll be navigating on foot! Really.

For those of us who love our Melways but also have a need for gadgets, the Ausway group have finally created the Navway Professional Street Directory.


Did someone say Melways on a touchscreen GPS? - read on for more..

SLEEPTRACKER Pro Watch Reviewed

MiscellaneousWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: SLEEPTRACKER Pro Watch ReviewedThe SLEEPTRACKER Pro is the latest iteration of Innovative Sleep Solutions' SLEEPTRACKER watch.

The SLEEPTRACKER series of watches monitor your sleeping patterns through the night so that they may wake you during one of your natural, "almost awake moments" in your sleep cycle.

Some of our readers may remember that a few years ago intrepid sleeper, Martin Regtien reviewed the original SLEEPTRACKER.

With the launch of the new SLEEPTRACKER Pro however, the baton has been passed on to me - and quite rightly so: Sleeping is what I do best.


Read on for the full review..

Linutop Mini Linux PC Reviewed - Damn Small Linux Hardware

PC HardwareWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Linutop Mini Linux PC Reviewed - Damn Small Linux HardwareThe Linutop is a small Linux PC. Of course, if you think the Mac Mini is small, then perhaps the words, incredibly miniscule are closer to the mark.

Running a customised version of xubuntu Linux, this little box could replace your desktop for most common tasks, including what you're doing right now.

And if this wasn't impressive enough in a box slightly larger than a Nintendo DS, the Linutop does it all drawing a maximum of 5 watts - That's less than an energy saver light bulb!

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