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Qstarz Super 99 Bluetooth Solar GPS Travel Recorder Reviewed

NavigationWritten by William Cheong on .

Read more: Qstarz Super 99 Bluetooth Solar GPS Travel Recorder ReviewedThe Qstarz Super 99 Bluetooth Solar GPS Travel Recorder, or BT-Q1200 for short, is a Bluetooth GPS but with couple of important differences:

* it has built in solar power cells 

* it is a stand alone travel recorder that can log up to 200,0000 records. You can use the provided software to geotag photos using the GPS tracks recorded by the unit

* it uses a new generation GPS chip – MTK GPS

Apricorn Aegis Portable Hard Drive - Reviewed

StorageWritten by Richard on .

Read more: Apricorn Aegis Portable Hard Drive - ReviewedA portable USB flash drive is one of those tools that is nearly essential to be able to carry your documents and files with you.  While USB flash drives have no moving parts, they are very limited in capacity.  They come in sizes as large as 1GB, 4GB, and I know it's possible there may even be an 8GB on the market somewhere.  Unfortunately, some people would like to be able to carry more files or larger files such as their music collection, videos, or even backup images of their computer.  In that case, it is practical to consider a portable external hard drive.  I will be taking a look at Apricorn's latest Aegis portable external hard drive.

Cool: aquagrafx G92 for 8800GT

Industry NewsWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Cool: aquagrafx G92 for 8800GT 

Keeping heads cool is the name of the game, particularly for 8800GT card owners.

Have a look at the slick and slim G92 from aquagrafx.

Despite being just 6mm slim it weighs half a ton -- eh, make that half a kilo. Still pretty heavyduty, we reckon.


More details on this prototype from the manufacturer below. 


Asus Xonar U1 USB External Audio Processor

Industry NewsWritten by Kevin Cheng on .

Read more: Asus Xonar U1 USB External Audio ProcessorThese days it is easy to get systems with integrated almost everything. 

Whilst this is great for a standard user but it is hardly a match in performance compared to a custom build one. 

Asus is set to launch the Xonar U1 External Audio Processor in six colours with a promise to "improve the laptop or PC's underachieving audio", as stated in their press release.


Leadertone Pocket Chauffeur GPS6000 PND - Reviewed

NavigationWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Leadertone Pocket Chauffeur GPS6000 PND - ReviewedLeadertone is not a name you’d see often in the Western world. But their products may be familiar even though they can be unbranded.

Such is the case with the Personal Navigation Device that is suction-cupped to my windshield at the moment.  It’s a smart-looking compact PND simply labelled GPS.

Only the box gives it the honorific: Pocket Chauffeur. This is not to be confused with the Pocket Chauffeur you’ll find on Acer’s N35.

Techrific Australia supplied the unit which is priced at AUD399.

We are quite impressed with this handy all-in-one device and here are the reasons why.

Wireless Computing RF-220 Keyboard Reviewed

AccessoriesWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Wireless Computing RF-220 Keyboard Reviewed



In my experience, keyboards are probably the most overlooked piece of essential computing equipment.  For years I have been putting together computers and for years I have purchased keyboards on the cheap.  After all, a good video card is more important than a decent set of keys to bash, isn't it?


Wireless Computing's RF-220 Wireless Keyboard begs to differ.

iStraw: 1300 Bottles Drinking Water from a Straw

MiscellaneousWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: iStraw: 1300 Bottles Drinking Water from a Straw

 One of the greatest needs for any human being is access to good drinking water. Without clean water a host of waterborne diseases can quickly ruin one’s day if not one’s life.

Here’s an Australian solution which addresses the problem of contaminated water, particularly for travellers. This Water Filter Drinking Straw is like taking some 1300 bottles of clean drinking water with you on your journeys.

Without the weight and the cost of them.


And there’s another, huge, side benefit to the iStraw as well. Here’s how it works.


The IronKey USB Flash Drive - Most Secure in the World?

StorageWritten by Kevin Cheng on .

Read more: The IronKey USB Flash Drive  - Most Secure in the World?For those who have not read the preview of the IronKey, in summary it is a USB flash drive with a dedicated hardware encryption chip and a self-destruct ability, bundled with secure means of accessing internet and storing your passwords.

Is the tamperproof and waterproof IronKey the toughest and most secure USB flash drive in the world?

We tested the 4GB version for you below.


Joby GorillaPod: Going Ape Over a Tripod

AccessoriesWritten by Kevin Cheng on .

Read more: Joby GorillaPod: Going Ape Over a Tripod There's a pleasure that may be had from the simple act of placing a gadget on a table and watching someone's brain kick into gear as they realise what its purpose is.  The Joby “Original” Gorillapod garners the lion share of attention as I parade it past a few photography aficionados.  There are plenty of bragging rights to this gadget.


The Gorillapod is a camera tripod with a “twist”  - literally!  Lots of twists in fact.  Instead of straight barrel legs, each leg is composed of 9 articulated ball joints, each capable of bending ~45° and rotating 360° to provide unprecedented flexibility and support for taking the perfect photo.


Despite the "pod" suffix, the Gorillapod bears no relation to products from that "fruit company" based in Cupertino.  Even before I attach it to my camera, I am already thinking back to the numerous trips I have made and wishing I had had this in my gear pack.

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