Powerex Precharged by Maha Energy

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Upcoming Reviews

Read more: Powerex Precharged by Maha EnergyMaha Energy, the maker of Powerex and and Imedion batteries have long been a staple in many photographers' bags. Now they have combined the best features of these two lines and launched the new Powerex Precharged line.

Twitch TV and the Rise of Live Gaming

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Industry News

Read more: Twitch TV and the Rise of Live Gaming

The emergence of Twitch TV has heralded a new step in the evolution of the gaming market, by enabling players to record live gameplay and broadcast this to a network of followers. This is part of a rapid and relentless evolution, which has seen desktop and mobile gaming thrive on innovation and overpower the once dominant console sector.

This trend is unlikely to abate any time soon, as the rigid and costly nature of console gaming continues to fail in the wake of more flexible and immersive mobile experiences. With cross-platform gaming technology also making a more diverse range of titles available on the desktop, video games are continuing to lose their market share.


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