Digipro Portable Projector- 59inch images from your pocket

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Digipro Portable ProjectorIn the world of portable projectors, detailed images are currently not possible due to small display screens. Digipro addresses these constraints by providing a device capable of outputting 15 lumens (as opposed to the 5 - 10 lumens of most currently available devices) to display large images onto a wall or other flat surface.

This stand-alone pocket projector is compatible with many display devices including Portable Media Players, Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, Laptops and Netbooks, DVD/PVR Units, Hand-Held Gaming Devices and Gaming Consoles.


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digipro.jpgCurrently still in pre-production (with specifications and even the name not even confirmed) this product is to be released in the 4th quarter of the year - which is when we hope to get our hands on a test unit to bring you an independent review.


Information so far is as follows:

Dimensions:  110mm long x 75mm wide x 35mm deep

Projection Image size: Normal Light - A3 (21" diagonal), Home Theatre - 1.5m (59" diagonal)

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