MIDTE Digital Touch Pen - Affordable Touch Screen Alternative

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MIDTE Digital Touch PenIf you're getting excited about all this new touch technology but don't want to fork out for a new monitor or tablet - then look no further.  The MIDTE Digital Touch Pen can upgrade any LCD / LED screen to support touch.


The product uses a small sensor that clips to the side of your existing screen and a special stylus pen that you use directly on your screen for annotating/ design or as a mouse replacement.



Not only that, the device is capable of being unplugged from your computer and power source, and clipped onto a sheet of paper. This can now  record all markings made with a normal ink pen (for up to 400 pages). You can then download this from the sensor onto your PC in real time video form, or purely the finished product as an image.MIDTE Digital Touch Pen on Paper


Seeing as we didn't get a good chance to properly play with this product, we're going to try to get one for review. We're also in the process of editing a video from the company demonstrating how it works - so watch this space.

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