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Nero Linux 4 Launched

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Industry News

Read more: Nero Linux 4 LaunchedNero, the ubiquitous ROM burning software expands their line into the Linux world. 

Nero Linux 4 is designed to suit both beginner and advanced users.


aXbo for Singles: the Best Bedside Company...

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Industry News

Read more: aXbo for Singles: the Best Bedside Company...Waking up is hard to do for most people... But for years we've told you about a bedroom secret that could be the solution to waking up in the most natural way. We had the scoop on the original aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. This clever device -- and handsome to boot -- is one of the most exciting and helpful bedside companions you can have.

There was only one problem... it was made for two people.

Gauging from the response we had on our review and no doubt from aXbo's own research they've now come up with a Singles version!

All the same goodness as before with some enhancements (new look, new sounds) and at a much more economical price..

What's there not to like?

We here at will try to bring you an in-depth review of this new addition to the aXbo range before too long.

Stay tuned (but don't lose any sleep over it!)

ShuRoo Mk IV Slimline

Written by Joe Baker on . Posted in Industry News

Read more: ShuRoo Mk IV SlimlineHave you ever been a passenger in a vehicle travelling in the Australian countryside when all of a sudden the driver hits the skids and says “Oh Sh*!”.

Well, he probably meant "Oh ShuRoo!" and wished he had one as when these big kangaroos jump out and you hit them, it’s “goodnight” to your pristine car and a big repair job is needed.

We have just been told that demand has totallyy outstripped supply for the latest Slimline ShuRoo  but have been assured that we will get one  just in time for Xmas.

The product will then be installed on a vehicle that has had some encounters with native Aussies of the jumping kind on a particular highly travelled route and came off second best...

Let’s see if the ShuRoo does indeed Shoo ’em away and keep us one jump ahead of the damage to both of us. 


[Our Automotive Editor, Joe Baker, faces a tough assignment: which of his half-dozen collector cars will get the ShuRoo treatment... - Ed]


Weather Station Review: Vantage Vue

Written by Joe Baker on . Posted in Industry News


Read more: Weather Station Review: Vantage VueDo you need to select the best introductory professional weather station on the market today?

We are about to review a top contender in this field.

I would have to be talking about the Vantage Vue from Davis Instruments.

 Sorry for the delay in doing the review guys, but this is the latest release from Davis. We are told that the delay was in setting up the frequencies to meet legal requirements for Austalia

Arriving 30th Oct 2009 for review, courtesy of Alvin from

and John from USA


Report shortly by Joe Baker.


Innovate LM 2 v/s Zeitronix Zt-2 Air/Fuel Ratio Meter Comparison

Written by Joe Baker on . Posted in Industry News

Read more: Innovate LM 2 v/s Zeitronix Zt-2 Air/Fuel Ratio Meter ComparisonRacers, Revheads and Hoons take note, if you want that extra bit of horsepower, then one of these is for you.

Don’t be fooled by the size of these little tackers.

They do a lot. So much so, that one has a 51 page user manual and a separate 151 pages of instructions on how to get the most out of your engine via tuning by programming and deep analysis.

You’re looking at the hottest portable tuning units that are out there, and whilst we have the Innovate already, supplied by we are also reviewing the Zt-2 2010 model which has been supplied, courtesy of Zeitronix themselves at

I have tested both from a home mechanics perspective and called it as I've seen it. Good points, bad points and also judged the back up service by supplier.

How hard are they to hook up to different cars with and without OBD plugs, including my Ferrari and Supercharged 700hp AC Cobra.


UPDATE: For the Full Comparison... Click Here


Future Touch MS100-15B Home Automation Controller

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Industry News

We've done a fair few Home Automation reviews over the years, among others for WinPlus. That was a relatively simple affair. If you really want to automate everything in your home, have a look at "MyServant" from FutureTouch.


Just make sure you don't become "HisSlave" in the process...


Here is their press release.

GlobalTop to Announce SpeedAdvisor GPS at Computex

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Industry News

Read more: GlobalTop to Announce SpeedAdvisor GPS at ComputexHere's a scoop on what will be unveiled at Computex in a couple of months by GlobalTop:
the 66 channel SpeedAdvisor GPS will be able to warn you of speed cameras directly in your path.
It's pre-loaded with the most up-to-date speed camera locations which can be updated every day.
Depending on distance to the speed camera you will hear different beeps.
This might save you quite some money if you habitually try to treat the speed limit as a minimum
Read on for some preliminary specs...


Bluelounge The Sanctuary- One Stop Charge Station

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Industry News

Read more: Bluelounge The Sanctuary- One Stop Charge StationI am the first person to admit that I have plenty of gadgets and my rooms are cluttered with various different chargers despite my best attempts to consolidate and minimise. 

The Bluelounge "Sanctuary" appeals with its simple and compact design where my gadgets can be charged at one convenient location. 

The Sanctuary, on surface, looks like an open box.  Hidden below the top tay is an universal charger with 12 built-in adapters to cater for most popular gadgets on the market.  It is also large enough to accomodate items that are part of one's daily routine such as car keys and wallet, making it a one stop shop before you head out for the day.


The Sanctuary is available here for USD$129.95.  Full compatibility list available on the website.

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