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What is this New ioSafe Product?

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Industry News

Our friends at ioSafe will be unveiling a brand new product at CES 2011 and you could be one of the very first to get your hands on it simply by correctly guessing what it is.
That’s right, to be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is leave a comment on their Company Blog saying what you think the product is.

Need a clue? It weighs more than a Cadbury Cream Egg but less than an adult coonhound. Need another clue? Have a look at the picture.

We’ll be posting another image prior to CES, so be sure to check back.
And if you want more clues from us you might want to read our review of a previous ioSafe product... It's here.

And: we will be reviewing this mystery box too as soon as FedEx delivers...

UPDATE: Here's another visual clue after the break...

Android: Google Maps Navigation - Now In Australia!

Written by Colbey on . Posted in Industry News

Google AndroidMost, if not all Android phones come with Google Maps Navigation. However, up until today, if you went to use this service, you would be greeted with a nice message saying that the service was not available from within Australia. There have been hacks to get around this block, however in the latest update from Google, the Maps Navigation software is now fully enabled for use in Australia. What's that mean? Wel,l essentially your getting a proper street navigation service that not only speaks directions, but you can also speak your address or location that you need to go to. 

It's available from the Android Marketplace as of now, so go download your updates!

Camera Phone. Literally. - Panasonic's new 13.2 Mpixel LUMIX Phone

Written by Colbey on . Posted in Industry News

LUMIX PhoneWell it had previously been rumoured that Panasonic would be getting into the camera phone market, but they've now gone as far as to announce their new LUMIX Phone, which is looking more like a stretched-limo camera than a phone.

It does however sport a huge (for a phone) 13.2Mpixel sensor, 3G, WiFi, and touch screen, as to what OS it's running, we're unsure at this stage.

Panasonic have only announced it in Japan, and at this stage there are only limited details on the specs of the phone.

We'll be very interested to see how this camera, ahh, phone, turns out once out and about, as it's certainly if nothing else a stylish looking camera.

Sony Ericsson Announce: LiveView - what Apple's next-gen Nano could have been.

Written by Colbey on . Posted in Industry News

Sony's LiveViewWell it seems altho the new Nano features a touch screen, Sony Ericsson have gone one step further, and integrated their new LiveView device into the Android OS, allowing to somewhat act like a remote display via Bluetooth to your Android phone in your pocket.

Why would you want this i hear you ask? Well, simple, it's small enough to be worn as a watch, and allows you to control not only your music, but also see your facebook updates, RSS feeds, incoming calls, amongst other things.

For more info visit Sony Ericsson's product page located here. 

HTC Desire HD - You'll want one after watching this...

Written by Colbey on . Posted in Industry News

HTC Desire HDWell if your like me, you've been following the developments and what HTC's new Desire HD is coming out with etc, well HTC have released another video that, well, if you weren't sure before... this will probably make your mind up for you! The video goes through HTC's new Sense UI thats recently been updated, and also how it fits in with the features of the new Desire HD


So how long will you have to wait to get one? well, not long! The Australian release date is slated to be the 2nd week in October, and they'll be available from Three & Vodafone, which is now confirmed have the exclusive on this phone, at least for the first month or so. Pricing is set to be around the $900-1000 mark outright, no word on contract pricing yet.


Youtube video after the break...

Photokina: Day 2 Roundup

Written by Colbey on . Posted in Industry News

PhotoKina Well day 2 of Photokina wasn't as crazy as day one for announcements, however there were still a few interesting things that made their premiere on day 2,

Lensbaby announced their Tilt-Transformer adaptor which allows Nikon mount lenses to be attached to Micro Four Thirds & Sony NEX (E-Mount) cameras - more info on that product to be found here.

Samyang has announced 2 new lenses, specifically their AE 14 mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC which allows Nikon users to benefit from having full lens information available (most Samyang lenses do not contain the electronics for that), Samyang also announced their new Videographer-centric lens in the form of the V-DSLR 8 mm F3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye CS which is essentially a Fish-eye format lens with a follow-focus gear already attached.

And last but not least, Datacolor announced their SpyderCheckr & SpyderCheckr Pro, which look rather similar to X-Rite's ColorChecker Passport... but we hope to get our hands on one for review to find out who's solution works the best!

Photokina: Day 1 Roundup

Written by Colbey on . Posted in Industry News

Photokina 2010Well on the first day of Photokina 2010 we've had no less than 6 new cameras announced,  6 Lenses, 2 Flashes, and 1 Software package, here's the low down on what has been announced and some brief specs:





But wait! Photokina isn't over yet! we'll keep you up to date with any more announcements over the new few days.


Pre-Photokina: Casio Announces New EXILM EX-Z16 & EX-H20G

Written by Colbey on . Posted in Industry News

Exilm EX-H20GJust days prior to Photokina Casio has announced 2 new members to their EXILIM range, the EX-Z16 & EX-H20G.

The EX-Z16 is Casio's new entry-level point & shoot, featuring a very stylish modern look, 12.1 Mpixel sensor and a 3x Optical zoom.

The EX-H20G on the other hand has a 14.1 Mpixel sensor mid-range zoom point & shoot, but has some other very tricky tech, with their 10x Optical zoom, actually being able to provide 15x zoom whilst maintaining picture quality, and the major new feature of this camera is Casio's new Hybrid GPS system, which uses not only a GPS signal but motion sensors in camera to be able to continue geo-tagging photos whilst indoors.

We hope to provide full reviews on both these cameras in the coming months.

Fujifilm FinePix X100 - Pre-Photokina Announcement!

Written by Colbey on . Posted in Industry News

FinePix X100Well i guess it's true that the classic looks never go out of style, and Fujifilm have certainly adhered to that principle when designing their latest FinePix FX100, modelled around the classic leather over magnesium alloy chassis design it's a time old look that will always be stylish, looks aside this little camera packs an impressive spec list, with features like a 12.3 Mpixel APS-C size CMOS sensor (that's DSLR territory!) and an impressive 23mm F2 fixed lens, that's reported to be just as sharp at the edges as it is in the centre.

At this stage it's not expected to be in-stores until early 2011, but it's certainly going to be on our list of things to review next year, so keep checking back for more updates.


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