Linutop Annouces Linutop OS 3.0

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Linutop OS 3.0Linutop, specialist in Small Linux PC announced the latest version of their Operating System - Linutop 3.0, designed to be an energy saver OS with minimal maintenance requirements and low deployment costs.



Linutop OS 3.0 is designed to be small, secure, powerful and maintenance free target for professional use public internet access and digital signage in industrial environments and displays.  It is delivered with free standard ready-to-use Linux software: (Firefox, Open Office, VLC
Media player) and can be easily customised with additional software. The new Setup Menu allows a quick and simple configuration for a specific use.

Integrated new security feature allowing locking the software and protecting the flash memory from wearing out by preventing write cycles. the one time set up ensure that the Linutop software is protected. The computer will recover its state at each startup, minimising maintenance costs.

Linutop OS 3.0 is USB Bootable, it can be fully backed up and run on a USB Key, simplifying the duplication of the same configuration on several Linutop, this interesting feature is a time saver for a deployment and can also be used for mass installation.  Management suite includes VNC remote management, thin client software, Network Manager.

Linutop OS 3.0 is available in 4 Versions: for Linutop 3, Linutop 2 and Asus eee and live CD Demo.
Linutop 2 is the most energy efficient with only 8 Watts power consumption.
Linutop 3 is perfect for professional use without maintenance.
Also available on a USB key for Assus eee it can directly be run from the key or internally offering all the benefits of the linutop OS on the side or as a replacement.

Linutop OS 3.0 Specifications
Applications: Firefox 3, Open Office 2.4, VLC Media Player, Xfce 4.4.2, Pidgin 2.4, PDF Viewer, Text editor, On screen keyboard, GQ view Picture viewer, Flash player, File manager
Size: approx 600 Mb
Support document formats: DOC, XLS, PPT, PPTX, PDF, RAR, ZIP
Support multimedia formats: MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV


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