Opera Mini browser on iPhone!!!

Written by Vasco Miguel on . Posted in Industry News

Opera Mini on iPhoneWell, not quite... Opera has Opera Mini web browser working on iPhone, and has submitted it to Apple iPhone App Store, on 23rd this month. Only after approval can the users get the browser via the App Store (officially, anyway).
Opera claims that Mini is up to 5 times faster than Apple's Safari. And has a video of a real life comparison test. Besides, as the data gets compressed by central servers, the user will spend much less on a data plan. More  about this on our last article on Opera browsers.
So, will Apple approve such a threat to Apple's own browser? Historically, the answer most likely will be a "No". But Opera is very confident. So much so that they published a web site with a counter, since the submission to App Store, and are taking bets on how long will Apple need to approve it. The winner gets a free iPhone.
More info, video preview, speed comparison test, and sign up for the contest, on Opera Mini on iPhone webpage.


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