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Written by Paul Moons on . Posted in Industry News

Whatmough Synergy2Having recently received the Popcorn Hour C-200 for review, I decided it was time to look at replacing my trusty (but wholly outdated) Onkyo 838 receiver. While the Onkyo still sounds fantastic, its inability to decode all but vanilla Dolby Digital is finally becoming a problem.

So it was by pure chance that I stumbled into A1 Audio this afternoon and discovered a set of tiny but very impressive Australian designed speakers.




While ogling some likely candidates to replace my 838, I happened to overhear an audition of a set of the Whatmough Synergy2 speakers. Admittedly, when I began listening I was focusing my attention on the Pioneer VSX-LX52 that was driving them, but after a short period I became acutely aware of the tiny grey boxes surrounding me.

While I didn't fully audition the speakers, what I heard was most impressive. The five tiny Synergy2 speakers (coupled with a matched subwoofer) produced a clear and enveloping soundstage - Particularly when bringing to life the frantic scurrying of souls avoiding death by cannon ball, in Peter Weir's /Master and Commander.

At 165 x 165 x 235mm, these compact dynamos were making a clear case for not only upgrading my receiver, but maybe even my Tannoy M3 speakers as well.

If you are in the market for compact speakers but aren't willing to compromise on sound quality, I recommend you audition a set of Whatmough's Synergy2 speakers. If you are not looking for new speakers, it's probably best to avoid the Synergy2's because they're probably going to change your mind.

For more information about these gems, head on over to the Whatmough website or if you are in Melbourne's outer South East, drop in to A1 Audio in Scoresby.

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