Mattel goes all in on AR for 2013

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Mattel goes all in on AR for 2013

At last year's Toy Fair, Mattel was all about Apptivity. The line of figures that interact with an iPad didn't exactly revolutionize the industry. But, the company isn't giving up on the concept. In 2013 it's evolving and moving from action figures that you drag across a screen, to much more interactive augmented reality concepts. Rather than simply slapping a capacitive pad on the bottom of a toy, this next-gen version focuses first on delivering a solid analog experience, then enhances it by actually using the considerable computing power made available by the iPad. To give the new series the best chance possible at succeeding, three of the biggest brands in the Mattel stable will be first to make the jump: Barbie, Disney and Hot Wheels. So what does 2013 hold for the venerable toy maker? Head on after the break to find out.

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