Acer updates Aspire R7 with active pen and Haswell, brings touchscreens to the Aspire E Series

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Acer updates Aspire R7 with active pen and Haswell, brings touchscreens to the Aspire E Series

Acer's announcing a slew of new products today at IFA, but it's also updating a few existing models with a greater emphasis on touch. In addition to getting the mandatory upgrade to Intel's Haswell processors, the Aspire R7 will now come bundled with an Acer active pen for use on the 15.6-inch, 1080p touchscreen. Given that the notebook offers four usage modes (including an "Ezel mode" and tablet mode), having this additional input option certainly makes sense. To help you take advantage of the digitizer, the company is adding several apps to its pre-load: MemoryBinder for drawing on top of your photos, ScreenGrasp for capturing images with the pen and Scrapboard for collecting images and ideas, much like Evernote. There's also AccuFinger, which Acer says helps you select tiny items on-screen when you're using fingers rather than the pen. As for availability, the new R7 will hit Europe, the Middle East and Africa in late 2013, with the base price set at €999, though we're not sure when to expect it stateside just yet.

The Aspire E notebook series is also stepping up to Intel's fourth-gen processors, and Acer's adding in new AMD options as well. The biggest update, though, is the addition of 10-point multi-touch displays to upcoming models -- you'll appreciate having the option to navigate Windows 8.1 with your fingers, after all. Finally, the Aspire E will be offered in additional colors; you'll have your choice of Keyboard White, Misty Silver or Piano Black for the 14-inch model, while the 15.6-inch version comes in Cherry Red, Clarinet Black and Steel Grey. (Piano and Clarinet Black options, oh my!) The Aspire E1 will be available in mid-October with a starting price of €399 -- no word on US pricing just yet.

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