Amazon to spice up Lovefilm with BBC and original content, serve it to Bravias in HD

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Amazon to spice Lovefilm with BBC, original content, land on Sony Bravias

Amazon just announced a trio of Lovefilm deals, including new programming from BBC Worldwide, TV pilots from its own Amazon Studios and Lovefilm Instant HD on Sony Bravia Smart TVs. While the streaming service is already entangled with the Beeb, the deal announced today will include new shows like The Office (UK version), potboiler Jonathan Creek, sci-fi drama Primeval and others. Eleven comedy and kids pilot shows recentlyannounced by Amazon Studios will also come to Instant Video, with execs even saying that viewer response on the platform will determine which shows stay. Finally, Lovefilm announced that it'll come to internet-connected Sony Bravia TVs in 720P (it's been in standard def on the platform since 2010), joining the likes of Xbox 360 and other Smart TVs in HD. You should see the extra pixels on your Bravia imminently, but there's no word on exact arrival dates for BBC or Amazon Studios programming. Check the PR below the fold for a full breakdown.

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