Angry Birds Hand Sanitizer (hands-on)

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Listen, when you work hard (and play hard) the way we do, your hands are going to get dirty from time to time. In fact, if we've got one piece of advice for frequent trade show attendees, it would be: wash your hands. A lot. Of course, a clean water source isn't always waiting for you between booths -- when that happens, there's no beating a well-placed bottle of hand sanitizer. But while the likes of Purell and its ilk have traditionally done the trick, we've always longed for a solution that could combine our sanitization obsessions with our passion for casual gaming. That wait, mercifully, is now over, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership between the fowl flingers at Rovio and those Ph.D.s in oral care products (the Firefly Hello Kitty toothbrush, anyone?): Dr. Fresh.

Part of the industry-leading Infectiguard Kids line, Angry Birds Hand Sanitizer offers a slim and slick profile, perfect for tiny hands. The twist-off lid is located at the bottom of the bottle, pointing in a downward orientation when positioned as intended. The whole thing is supported by a carabiner laced through a loop in the top of the skinny bottle, so the sanitizer can be suspended from a backpack, messenger bag or other carrying case for easy access to its cleansing contents. And at 1.8 fluid ounces, the whole thing comes in well under the TSA's carry-on liquid restrictions.

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