AntTek's Quick Settings app brings the shortcut menu to users still waiting on Jelly Bean

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Still waiting for that upgrade to Jelly Bean? So are most Android users, if that's any consolation. While you might not see Android 4.2 before Google moves on to the next letter in its OS alphabet, you can get Jelly Bean's Quick Settings feature via a new app from AntTek. Available via Google Play, the program is compatible with Android 2.1 or later (no rooting required). It's pretty straightforward: you get a customizable settings menu, with options such as direct calling and email along with shortcuts to apps.

We downloaded the free app and spent a few minutes toying around -- it looks almost exactly like Quick Settings on Jelly Bean, and there are several controls for tweaking icon size, changing the theme and selecting what actions you'd like to display. We're not huge fans of the red drop-down panel that you swipe to bring up the app, but you can minimize its size and adjust its position on the top of the home screen. AntTek says a pro version, with additional functionality and an unlimited number of icons on the Quick Settings panel, will be available for €1.49. Hit up the source link below to download the app.

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