ASUS teases something square and grey, will reveal its new device tomorrow (update: it's a DVD writer)

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ASUS teases something square and grey, will reveal its new device tomorrow update it's a DVD writer

Were we expecting any new hardware from ASUS? Items we've seen but have not shipped like the Qube and Transformer Book spring to mind immediately, but they're not a direct match for this pic the company posted on its Google+ page earlier this evening (Update: we replaced it with the final pic.) It's inviting any and all guesses as to what's in store and promises a device reveal tomorrow, so your period of eager anticipation will be (thankfully) short lived. Judging by the comments it might not be anything we've gone hands-on with previously, but the image reveals that spun-metal aluminum look we've become familiar with on ASUS' tablets and laptops lately. Beyond that, the oddly squarish aspect ratio draws immediate comparisons to the 3:2 Chromebook Pixel, but until it's officially unveiled we'll leave the rest of the random speculation up to you.

Update1: The smart money so far is on its Varidrive media dock, which appears to match the dimensions and spun-metal look nicely -- we'll see what it really is tomorrow.

Update 2: Well, ASUS has relieved the overwhelming tension on its Google+ page by announcing a new... DVD writer. It does strongly resemble the aforementioned Varidrive dock with its spiral brushed aluminum look and the outfit claims it's the world's thinnest at 13mm, but as one G+ commenter put it: "a DVD writer. Seriously." Check the second source below for the reveal.

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Source:ASUS (Google+) (1), (2)

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