AT T to stock Moto X on August 23rd, offer in-store look at Moto Maker possibilities

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Moto Maker

Hankering for a new Moto X, are you? If you're an AT&T loyalist (or just can't figure out a way to slip out of your contract), the carrier has just published its launch details surrounding the most monumental Motorola handset in a decade. The vanilla black and white models will be available for sale starting August 23rd, with the 16GB version going for $199.99 on a two-year agreement and the 32GB variant for $249.99. (With AT&T Next, the 16GB model is available for $27 per month and the 32GB model is $32 per month.)

Moto Maker shipments will begin on 8/23 as well, with a "lucky few" who registered for early access able to get their orders started on the 19th. Moreover, AT&T will be stocking Skip, and all Moto Maker orders will include a Skip gratis for a limited time. If you're curious to see what kind of crazy coloring options are at your disposal, we're told that major (but not all) AT&T retail outlets will boast a table like the one shown above -- decisions, decisions.

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