Audi's eKurzinfo app uses augmented reality to sidestep A3 owner's manual

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DNP Audi ARG app tells you exactly what it all means

Ever read your car's instruction manual? We didn't think so, and apparently, neither did the folks at Audi. Not too long ago, the firm introduced a unique twist on vehicle documentation, offering A1 owners an augmented reality app that could tell them about the car's basic functions at a glance. The eKurzinfo app's initial release only recognized 65 elements of the vehicle -- but has since been improved and is now available for the A3 sedan. Say you notice the car's new-fangled temperature gauge, but don't quite understand how it works. Point your phone at the instrument cluster, load up the app and it will explain that when the LEDs reach the top part of the display, the engine temperature is too high. Simple. The app will even show you where to find the coolant refill tank under the hood.

The app's developer, Metaio, says the upgraded eKurzinfo can recognize over 300 individual aspects of Audi's A3 -- from the smallest details like insignias on the car's windshield wipers to individual engine components. This should be more than enough data for drivers who are opposed to the traditional approach of RTFM (reading the freaking manual).

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