AutoTether for Android produces an instant in-car hotspot

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AutoTether for Android produces an instant in-car hotspot

If you're anything like us, you get slightly twitchy when you can't use any of your WiFi-only devices when parked (or a passenger) in a car. You now won't even have to think about whether or not you're online, if you're an Android user. Inrete's new AutoTether app automatically invokes an Android phone's WiFi hotspot as soon as the handset pairs up with a given Bluetooth device: step into a ride with a Bluetooth-equipped stereo and you'll have an internet connection for every device inside, as long as you're present. Inrete sees its app as a syncing tool for its Automatica car audio companion, but it clearly has uses for the kids' Nexus 7 in the back seat or a significant other's MacBook Air in the front. Check the Google Play link for what could be the next-best thing to a hotspot built into the car itself.

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