Bell intros Fibe TV Wireless Receiver, takes Canadians multi-room for $199

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Bell launches Fibe TV wireless receivers

Some Canadians can get multi-room TV through their providers, but a truly wire-free option hasn't been on the table -- no doubt a disappointment for backyard viewing parties. Bell is filling that void today with what it says is the first carrier-supplied wireless TV package in Canada. Fibe TV subscribers can now pick up as many as five Wireless Receivers (really, Motorola VIP2502 boxes) to extend their HD viewing and DVR control to the whole home without cables. It sounds easy; the real challenge, we figure, will be getting a Wireless Receiver in the first place. Customers have to live in Montreal, Quebec City or Toronto for Fibe TV to even be an option, and each Wireless Receiver costs either $7 per month or $199 up front.

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