BitTorrent's SoShare file-sharing service launches in beta, lets you send up to 1TB for free

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BitTorrent's SoShare filesharing launches in beta, lets you send up to 1TB for free

BitTorrent announced last month that it was working on a file-syncing app dubbed Sync, and it's now debuted a public beta of a somewhat complimentary file-sharing service called SoShare (previously announced in an alpha state as simply Share). The hook with SoShare is that it will let you send huge files (up to 1TB) for free in a single data transfer, which is handled through the BitTorrent browser plug-in. What's more, while you'll of course have to sign up for an account to send the files, the recipients of the file don't necessarily need an account themselves; you can simply make a public link available or send an email notification (they will need the browser plug-in though). Those files will remain active for 30 days unless you choose to have them expire sooner. Hit the source link to sign up for the beta if you're interested in trying it yourself.

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