BlackBerry exec allegedly confirms a new BB10 tablet will launch in 2013 (update: not true)

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BlackBerry exec allegedly confirms a new BlackBerry 10 tablet will launch in 2013

The company formerly known as RIM is currently rolling out two devices running the new BlackBerry 10 OS, and apparently that's not all it's got in store for 2013. Know Your Mobile India reportedly heard from the Head of Developer Relations for Asia Pacific at BlackBerry, during the recent Z10 launch in India, that a "BB10 tablet is definitely coming later this year." We already knew that BB10 was to be shoehorned onto the PlayBook, and the same exec confirmed that it's still in the works, so your old slate won't be left with outdated software when this new hardware arrives. We've reached out to BlackBerry for confirmation or comment, and will update you when we hear back.

Update:Well, that was quick! The exec mentioned above has told us he was misquoted, and that BlackBerry has no immediate plans for a new tablet, instead focusing fully on the Z10 and Q10 for now. Sorry, folks -- no PlayBook 2 for you.

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Source:Know Your Mobile India

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