BlackBerry Z10 gets clip-on speakerphone, charger bundle and cases galore

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BlackBerry Z10 gets clip-on speakerphone, charger bundle and cases galore

No launch of a new flagship is complete without a few new accessories to go along with it. While RIM is still banking big on the NFC-powered Music Gateway, it wasn't about to let the Z10 sit around with no new friends to keep it company. Obviously, a BlackBerry isn't a BlackBerry with out few leather holsters to keep it strapped to your hip. The fancy leather cases (both the "Holster" and the "Pocket") even have a magnet inside them that automatically turns off the display on your Z10 when it's slipped inside. The rotating holster will set customers back $40, while the Pocket, with its fewer moving parts, will cost only $30. There are other cases on the horizon too, the Transform Shell and Flip Shell, which feature build in kickstands and basic protection in standard black or bright red. Both shells will retail for $35 when they hit shelves.

A bit more intriguing is the BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker, a tiny speaker phone that pairs using Bluetooth and has a unique "U" shape that allows you to clip it on to a seatbelt or (shudder) a lapel. The little white speaker will launch alongside the Z10 for $99. The charging bundle is pretty simple at first glance -- it contains a spare battery and a separate charging cradle for $50. But, upon closer inspection, you'll realize the charger has a microUSB out, for pushing power to any device with a compatible adapter. We're sure more fun accessories are in the pipeline too, once third parties start updating there product lines.

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