BLU Life View hands-on

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BLU Life View hands-on

Looking for a smartphone with a large display, decent specs and a price tag just shy of $300 unlocked and contract-free? It's not an easy thing to find here in the US of A, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. In fact, a little-known manufacturer out of Miami known as BLU is doing its darndest to get on the map and show off its brute handset-making skills at a reasonable cost. It's been a big player in the KIRF arena for quite some time, but its latest lineup of phones -- Life -- appears to have a bit of personality of its own. Of the devices in the Life series, we've received an early unit of the Life View, a 5.7-inch Android model, from our friends at Negri Electronics, an online retailer that recently began selling the device for $299. Take a closer look at our gallery of images below and then follow us after the break for a few impressions.


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