Blue Microphones' Nessie now available, promises enhanced sound in real time

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DNP Blue Microphones starts shipping Nessie

Blue Microphones' Nessie is now out on the market, months after we took it for a spin at this year's CES. Named after a cryptid like its older sibling the Yeti, Nessie comes with three modes -- one for raw audio, another optimized for richer vocals and one that enhances instrumental music. The company claims the USB microphone delivers studio-enhanced sound in real-time, and you don't need to go through manual post-production unless you chose to record in raw audio. Made to work directly with both PCs and Macs, you can also use Nessie with iPads using a 30-pin to USB or a Lightning to USB adapter. Available now for $99 at Apple's retail and online stores, Nessie will also surface on Best Buy, Guitar Center, and other Blue retailers at a later date. Before you whip out those credit cards, though, check out the sound samples and comparisons recorded using the device after the break.

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