Braven launches 855s, a $300 rugged competitor to the Big Jambox

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DNP Braven rugged speakers

Watch out, Jawbone; looks like Braven's continuing its assault against the Big Jambox by releasing another comparable Bluetooth speaker... but this time, it can get wet and take some bruises. Similar to its predecessor, the 850, model 855s is a 20W speaker encased in aluminum and can charge smartphones, tablets and cameras. It even has the same dimensions (10 x 4 inches) and can play tunes for up to 20 hours, or so the company claims. The new speaker costs $300, just like the 850, so choosing between the two depends on whether you want a rugged version or not. As a nice touch, you can pair the 855s with its predecessor for true stereo sound; just be sure to remember which one doesn't like water if you go that route.



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