Ceton InfiniTV CableCARD tuners add six tuner, Ethernet options

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Ceton InfiniTV CableCARD tuners add six tuner, Ethernet options

Almost three years after Ceton's InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner hit the market as an easy and affordable way to watch premium HD cable TV on Windows Media Center, the company is finally rolling out a new variant. We've seen price drops, a USB version and a few alternatives from competitors since the 4 launched but a few options were still missing. That included the original six tuner prototype touted at its CES debut and an Ethernet jack for sharing with multiple PCs, but both check boxes have been filled today by the new InfiniTV 6 ETH. It looks a lot like the USB version of the InfiniTV 4, but with an added Ethernet port (the USB port pictured after the break is for a Tuning adapter, not to connect to a PC) and the ability to record six shows at once. It's available today for $299 from popular online retailers while a six tuner PCIe version, is due in June for the same price.

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