Channel Master and Echostar working on new OTA DVR

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Channel Master and Echostar working on new OTA DVR

Sometimes you just want to enjoy TV without making a commitment, and time-shifting broadcasts either means building your own HTPC or purchasing an OTADVR -- like the now defunct Boxee. Back in 2011, Channel Master teamed up with Entone to fill that niche and a recent FCC filing shows the company (once again) partnering with Echostar to bring a new OTA DVR to the market. The set-top box -- called Channel Master K77 (not pictured) -- also provides over-the-top functionality and comes in two flavors: CM-7500GB16, which features 16GB of built-in flash (and relies on external USB storage for DVR support) and CM-7500GB320, which incorporates a 320GB hard drive. While it's unclear when the device will launch, it will be competing with a number of similar offerings from Simple.TV, Tivo (Series 5) and Aereo once it lands on store shelves.

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