Comcast grows in Q4, buys the rest of NBCUniversal and rolls out more new DVRs

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Comcast grows in Q4, buys the rest of NBCUniversal and rolls out more new DVRs

It's been a busy day for Comcast, so we'll catch you up on the key points. First, it announced today that it's buying the 49 percent of NBCUniversal that it didn't already own from General Electric in a deal worth about $16.7 billion, plus 30 Rockefeller Plaza and CNBC's New Jersey headquarters for an additional $1.4 billion. That's an acceleration of the original schedule, which gave Comcast the option to expand its ownership starting in 2014. In other news, Comcast reported its Q4 earnings, noting that while it still lost around 7,000 cable TV customers in Q4, the total number of video, internet and phone subscribers rose by 503,000 to a total of 51.3 million, up 3 percent from last year.

In other news, Comcast announced expansions in its rollout of the new X1 DVR platform. Already live in areas of Georgia, New Jersey, Boston, Tennessee, San Francisco and Philadelphia, it's recently launched in Colorado Springs, CO with more promised in the coming months. It also locked down a deal with Fox that covers local broadcasts, cable TV networks and brings a number of the network's shows to Xfinity streaming apps and services on other platforms. That deal also reveals that Fox will soon add TV Everywhere authenticated streaming to its Fox Now apps, which Comcast customers will be able to access. There's an earnings call tomorrow where we may find out more details, for now you can look after the break and at the links below for the full press releases.

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