Crafter converts Atari 2600 systems into two-of-a-kind iOS speaker docks

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Atari 2600 converted into twoofakind iOS speaker docks

There's few things more heartbreaking to gamers than an Atari 2600 whose original components have given up the ghost. UK craftsman Peter Morris must not want all that faux wood to go to waste, as he recently converted two broken 2600 systems into speaker docks for the iPad and iPhone. Both include digital amps to improve the tunes, a line-in jack and both on-device as well as remote controls. We'd love to have either of them providing the soundtrack to our Pong sessions, although pure logistics may work against us: the iPad and iPhone docks are unique examples that ship from Morris' UK homeland at respective prices of £180 ($269) and £150 ($224). As such, there will likely be just a few Brits who'll get to mix modern sound with their childhood Combat memories.

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