Creative launches NFC wireless speakers, colorful Hitz headsets

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Creative launches NFC wireless speakers, colorful Hitz headsets

Creative may hope to rival Jawbone's Jambox with its new colorfully geometric Bluetooth speakers, the Airwave and Airwave HD. NFC-enabled Bluetooth speakers aren't exactly news, so Creative is playing catch-up with its NFC-capable Airwave series. Users can pair their iOS or Android devices to the Airwave by simply tapping the phone against the speaker and an integrated microphone allows for use as a speakerphone. The Airwave HD can support two NFC-connected devices but it sacrifices about five hours of playback compared to the less powerful Airwave, which can go 12 hours between charges.

Creative is taking a fresh approach with its styling by offering the Airwave line in a variety of colors including pink, blue, green, and red. This new design theme is echoed in Creative's Hitz headsets, which will feature an in-line microphone housing playback and volume controls. Though there's no word yet on a stateside release, the Airwave and Airwave HD will be available in Singapore in June for SG$129 (US$103) and SG$199 (US$160) respectively and the Hitz line will launch in July, with prices ranging from SG$49 (US$39) to SG$89 (US$72). For more information, see the full press release after the break.

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