Dell ships its WiGig-based Wireless Dock, gives your Latitude a home base for $249

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Dell ships WiGigbased Wireless Dock, gives your Latitude a home base

Dell has been teasing plans for a true wireless dock that would let Latitude 6430u Ultrabook owners get all the expansion they need without proprietary technologies -- or the usual cable spaghetti. It's at last here in the (rather plainly titled) Dell Wireless Dock. The station relies on a bandwidth-rich WiGig connection to give the Latitude supplementary audio, DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet and three USB 3.0 ports without skipping a beat. Few would call the Wireless Dock cheap at $249, but it could be a time-saver for any worker who just wants to grab their laptop and go at the end of a long day. Eager buyers should see the dock at the source link very shortly.

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