DPD to let UK shoppers track home deliveries in real time (video)

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DPD to let UK shoppers track home deliveries in real time (video)

If you're like us, you want a better sense of where your packages are than "on truck for delivery." So does the UK's DPD, apparently, as it's rolling out a Follow My Parcel service that will let online shoppers track their goods in real time. The feature gives customers a web link that lets them see both the delivery vehicle's live position and a package's place in the queue. The new system is accurate enough to narrow the delivery window to 15 minutes -- in theory, recipients won't be caught off-guard again. There's also options for giving the shipment to a neighbor or rescheduling the shipment altogether. Follow My Parcel should be available through Interlink Express on August 5th, and British retailer ASOS already plans to offer the service to its customers.

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Via:The Verge

Source:DPD, Interlink Express (Twitter)

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