EE launches free 4G WiFi service in (some) London black cabs

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EE announces free 4G WiFi in London's black cabs

So, previous taxi WiFi solutions were too slow, or you weren't underground. What's a smartphone-tethered Londoner on the hunt for WiFi supposed to do? The current answer is to flag down one of London's 40 4GEE taxis, all of which will be loaded with WiFi router connected to EE, the UK's only LTE network. If you're not dahhn sahhf, you'll still be able to pick up the signal in ten cabs that'll be circling Birmingham. Ironically, these 4G-ready black cabs will no longer be black. Nope, they'll be coated in the turquoise hues of the EE network, which should make them easier to spot. Anyone living in either metropolis should have no troubles keeping up with new Doctor Who, Downton Abbey or Peep Show ever again. At least for the next three months, which is how long the service is set to last.

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