Engadget's laptop buyer's guide: winter 2013 edition

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Engadget's laptop buyer's guide: winter 2013 edition

Here's a fun fact: in the three months since Windows 8 went on sale, Engadget has reviewed 16 laptops, including a few hybrid form factors. Yep, that's right: more than one a week for the past 12 weeks, and that's not even counting a couple tablets running Windows RT. So, now that we've given over our collective social lives to writing about Win 8, we finally feel qualified to make a few recommendations. Here, in our first-ever laptop buyer's guide, we'll walk you through the most promising of the bunch -- everything from convertibles to laptop / tablet mashups. Indeed, we've got lots of touch-enabled systems ahead (including nods to models that didn't make the cut), but if you're simply in the market for a good, old-fashioned notebook, we have a few of those to recommend, too. So without further ado, join us.

Note: With regard to the Windows PCs we highlight here, we'll be focusing on machines that run full Windows 8, specifically. For recommendations of ARM-based tablets running Windows RT you can look to our tablet buyer's guide.

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