Eric Kessler announces AirPlay support for HBO Go and Max Go apps, says à la carte HBO access still isn't economically viable

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HBO announces AirPlay support for HBO Go and MAX Go apps

Eric Kessler, President & COO at HBO, just announced that a long-awaited feature will be going live today during his interview at D:Dive Into Media 2013. HBO Go and Max Go users with Apple products filling the home will now be able to enjoy AirPlay beaming. Straight from the man himself:

"Our long-term goal for Go is to be on all platforms and all devices. Effective today, we will be enabling AirPlay -- any device that allows users to watch on the big screen is great. You can play HBO Go on your iPhone or iPad, and then beam that to your HDTV via an Apple TV using AirPlay."

It appears that neither app has seen an update in Apple's App Store just yet, but we're guessing it's only a matter of time before both are refreshed. [Update: Looks as if both updates are now live!] Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that HBO will be on Apple TV for some time yet. Host Kara Swisher asked Kessler what the problem was in getting 'em on there. His reply? "We will get on Apple TV -- there is no problem. These things take time." To us, this certainly sounds as if discussions are ongoing, but it's probably hung up in a revenue split discussion -- Apple generally likes to take 30 percent of pretty much everything that runs through its devices, and much like Microsoft, we're guessing HBO executives are trying to figure out a compromise.

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