FreedomPop's pseudo-free home WiMAX goes live

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FreedomPop's pseudo-free home WiMAX goes live

FreedomPop tempted users with the prospect of free home internet access -- free after buying the hardware, that is -- back in December. If you've been champing at the bit ever since, you'll be glad to know that the more stationary service is at last live. As promised, you'll get 1GB of free data per month after picking up the $89 Hub Burst modem and router combo. That allotment won't be useful for much more than emergency access on the desktop, but customers will have multiple avenues for raising the ceiling, whether it's agreeing to join in promotions or simply paying for more. A starting $10 per month subscription nets a more reasonable 10GB cap, and additional plans boost the peak speed from a pokey 1.5Mbps to 8Mbps at $19 per month. We'd think carefully about leaping in when FreedomPop hopes to switch to LTE this year, but the price is low enough that the early adopter tax will be low.

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