Google Glass features 'still in flux', no plans to display advertising on device

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Google Glass features 'still in flux', 'no plans' to display advertising

It's been a few months since we heard anything new about Google Glass -- fortunately, IEEE Spectrumhas managed get a few questions answered by the project's lead, Babak Parviz. While noting that Google Now could be "very compelling" on the new hardware, he stopped short of saying that it would make an outing on the headset. There will, however, be a cloud-based API, which Parviz hopes will help to maintain a consistent user experience -- it's already been used to build both the email and calendar functions on Glass. Perhaps more importantly, when asked whether Google Glass would display advertising to its users, the project lead said that there were no plans for ads on the device. Google's keeping it vague with a precise feature list, but hardware-wise, Parviz says that the team is aiming for the headwear to last a full day on a single charge, with work still underway on head gestures -- still likely to be the least subtle input option alongside the (now patented) trackpad and voice commands. He added that the product is still on track to ship to those early 'explorers' early this year -- we're already polishing our glass block in anticipation.

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