Google lets users connect Drive-enabled Chrome apps alongside its own

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Google lets users add Driveenabled Chrome apps into the main UI

There was a time when cloud storage was more or less just that. A digital locker for those files you need on the go. As more and more apps and services fold this functionality into their general operation, the cloud part needs to be increasingly transparent. Something Google is tackling with the latest change to its Drive service. Starting today, you will be able to connect Drive-enabled apps to the main interface. So, next time you want to create something with Pixlr Editor, or Ujam, or want to open a file in such an app, you can do that right from the comfort of your Google account page. Not only does this mean that your favorite Chrome tools can be brought right into your workflow, Google clearly hopes it might inspire more developers to "elevate" their apps with the same functionality. Apps already sporting the integration, however, should be available to connect immediately.

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