GOWEX now beaming free WiFi to San Francisco from 450 smart zones

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Gowex beams WiFi to San Francisco from 450 smart zones

Starting today, San Francisco residents will have something else to brag about besides their quality of life and hostingtech extravaganzas: free WiFi. The silicon valley hub joins New York and parts of France in receiving the service from provider GOWEX, which is now live in districts like Union Square and Marina thanks to 450 smart WiFi zones. As with the Big Apple, residents and tourists will see download speeds up to 1Mbps, while GOWEX will see dollars from carriers (via network offloading) and advertisers in return. To use it, you'll need to download the free iOS or Android apps from their respective stores -- which we might just do ourselves, considering a certain little developer's conference in town at the moment.

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