Heckler Design's iPad Cash Drawer brings minimalism to sales terminals

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DNP Heckler Design Windfall POS Cash Drawer

Carrying cash can be a drag, but it's often an even bigger nuisance for shopkeepers with iPad point-of-sale terminals. Because of a focus on swiping plastic, storage solutions for your dollar bills take a back seat. The WindFall Cash Drawer is Heckler Designs' stylish US-made option that, according to the company, offers the smallest footprint of any drawer currently available -- it's probably the brightest, too. Cash Drawer follows the aesthetics of the Arizona designer's other pieces; namely, heavy-duty steel construction, rounded corners and minimalist design. Is your storefront already rocking a WindFall stand for Apple's slate? Well, you're in luck, as the nouveau till sports a secure mounting and cable management system for it. Sure there's a slight bit of irony surrounding its current lack of pricing, but don't let that get you down. When it launches this fall, it'll be available exclusively from ShopKeep POS.

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