HP's 'Recline' touchscreen all-in-ones can be used with the screen hanging off the desk

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HP's 'Recline' touchscreen all-in-ones can be used with the screen hanging off the desk

HP just announced a series of funky-looking all-in-ones, but unfortunately, that press shot up there doesn't really do the unique design justice. Like most modern desktops, the Recline PC, as it's called, has an articulating stand so you can use it in tabletop mode, at a near-flat angle. In this case, though, HP's also incorporated a patent-pending hinge that allows you to use it with the touchscreen hanging off the table, close to your lap. (Yes, HP's market research team found there are, in fact, people who would prefer to use their all-in-one this way.) Et voilà! That's why this thing is named the Recline: you can position it with the touchscreen half off the desk, and it won't topple over because the PC's center of gravity is halfway between the base and the display.

Available in 23- and 27-inch screen sizes, the Recline will be available with a mix of Haswell processors, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB of storage (sometimes paired with an SSD), a 1GB NVIDIA GT 730A GPU, Beats Audio and 1080p displays. All of the configurations will have 802.11ac WiFi and the Recline 27 in particular adds NFC. As an added bonus, you also get 50GB of free lifetime storage through Box.com. Additionally -- because HP would do something like this -- the company will also sell a special Beats-branded version with a red hinge (pictured above). That version will be available with a 23-inch screen only, and will feature slightly lesser specs (a Core i3 CPU and less RAM to start).%Gallery-slideshow77215%

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