HP Slate 7 hands-on

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HP Slate 7 hands-on

Well, this might just be the biggest news to come out of Mobile World Congress. Long after discontinuing the TouchPad (and the rest of its mobile devices, for that matter) HP is back with a new tablet. This time, though, it runs not webOS, but an old safety: Android. Interestingly, though, HP is returning to the tablet space not with a high-end flagship, but a lower-end device priced to sell. The Slate 7 is priced at $169, with modest specs that include a dual-core A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of built-in storage, a 7-inch, 1,024 x 600 display and dual 3MP / VGA cameras. All that said, it could worth a second look when it goes on sale in April. Meet us past the break to see what we mean.Gallery: HP Slate 7 hands-on

HP Slate 7 hands-onHP Slate 7 hands-onHP Slate 7 hands-onHP Slate 7 hands-onHP Slate 7 hands-on


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