HTC's Peter Chou flashes M7 at company gathering, screams the name

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HTC's Peter Chou flashes M7 at company gathering, screams the name

Guess who's super excited about HTC's upcoming flagship phone? Why, Peter Chou, of course! At the company's year end party in Taipei earlier today, the CEO went on stage to thank the M7 team for working overtime last week in order to finalize the device this week, according to cnYES. Surprisingly, Chou then decided to openly play with the yet-to-be-released M7. "This event today is a great opportunity for testing (the camera). I was still testing it just now," the exec is seen saying in NextTV's clip (available at the source link), followed by him whipping out a silver edition and a black edition of the phone.

While the video clips available aren't of decent enough quality for some detailed close-ups of the M7, we can just about make out a super slim body with two distinctive lines on the back -- nothing quite like the leaks we've seen so far. Judging by the size, it does seem to match up with the rumored 4.7-inch screen size, but that's all we have for now. HTC's chairwoman Cher Wangdid add that she looks forward to launching the phone later this month, and naturally, so do we. After the break we have a clip of Chou shouting "M7" a few times with his team, enjoy and feel free to join along!

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Source:NextTV, cnYES (Chinese)

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