JiWire, AWG use location-based ads to spread free airport WiFi in the US

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JiWire, AWG use locationbased ads to offer free WiFi

Many of us here at Engadget know the value of free airport WiFi all too well, having just flown back to our various corners of the globe -- if a cellular or toll-based hotspot isn't an option, free internet access can be a lifeline. JiWire and AWG don't want us to face that dilemma. They're expanding their partnership to use JiWire's location-based ad system for free, sponsored WiFi across the US. Requiring that passengers see a local ad when they hop online is the best of both worlds, the partnership claims: we get the connection we crave, while nearby shops get exposure. Few would call AWG's minimum 1Mbps connection an abundance of bandwidth, but it could mean the difference between catching up on YouTube and twiddling thumbs during a layover. Neither company has said exactly when and where they plan to expand. When just 15 US airports rely on AWG's current service, though, there's plenty of room to grow.

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