Lenovo's IdeaPad Y510p high-perf laptop: Haswell Core i7, NVIDIA 750M, $989

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EDIT Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

What's Lenovo been hiding up its sleeve? Apparently, it's the IdeaPad Y510p. The company has recently started selling the 15.6-inch multimedia laptop via New Egg and its website without prior announcement. A follow-up to the Y500, the Y510p is powered by Intel's new Haswell Core i7 2.4GHz quad-core processor and is equipped with NVIDIA's 750M GPU. Lenovo claims a 5-hour battery life, which doesn't sound too implausible given what we recently squeezed out of MSI's Core i7 gamer. There's no official word on thickness, but readers at the Notebook Review forum reported that it has a slightly thinner profile. The company has also replaced its predecessor's glossy screen with a full HD matte, anti-glare display. Prices for the IdeaPad Y510p start at $989 after applying an e-coupon, but if you're willing to shell out more cash, you can double its 8GB RAM, add another graphics card, supplement its 1TB HDD with a 24GB SSD, and install a Blu-ray-slash-DVD-RW optical drive. If you're looking for something smaller (yet more expensive), then check out Sony's VAIO Pro 13.

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