LG celebrates 500k Optimus G Pro sales in its home country

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LG celebrates 500k Optimus G Pro sales in its home country

We haven't even had the chance to see the 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro available outside Korea, but LG is already claiming a sales record. The latest supersized phone notched 10,000 orders at launch, leading to half a million sold just 40 days after its launch and ahead of its coming April update. We found plenty to like about the Optimus G Pro when we reviewed it -- that it closely follows the Galaxy Note II's succesful formula while packing the brand-new Qualcomm 600 quad-core CPU doesn't hurt. LG's pushed the phone with several promotions, including letting potential customers try one for 30 days to see how they live with its size. An LG executive quoted in the PR sees this increased communication continuing to push sales at home and abroad, but there's still no word on exactly when that will be on this side of the Pacific.

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