LG unveils eye recognition tech for Optimus G Pro, other features in update

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LG unveils eye recognition tech for Optimus G Pro, other features in update

Sure, there's been a lot of buzz about possible eye-based scrolling in Samsung's Galaxy S IV, but LG now has the eye recognition tech spotlight -- for today, at least. The electronics giant has revealed that a "Value Pack" update for the Optimus G Pro will be served up in Korea next month, and will pack a feature called Smart Video that responds to a user's peepers. With its front-facing camera, the handset will be able to pause a video if the user looks away, and start playing it when their gaze falls back on the display. In addition, the upgrade will pack a what's said to be a world's first Dual Camera feature that takes a page from the phone's Dual Recording feature, letting users snap photos with both shooters at the same time.

Among the perks, the Value Pack will grace devices with the ability to change the home button's LED to correlate with contacts and more, pause and resume video recording, color emoticons along with Magic Remote Pad and Text Keypad functionality for the QRemote function. According to LG, the features in the update will find their way to their other premium smartphones in the future, but there's no word on when the revamped software will arrive on phones in other territories. Hit the break for more details in the press release.

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