Mission Motorcycles launches Mission R and RS e-bikes this summer, starting at $29,999

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Mission Motorcycles prices its Mission R and RS ebikes, starting at $29,999

When Mission Motors unveiled its Mission R electric motorbike, it garnered a lot of attention -- enough that the company created a Mission Motorcycles group to handle its new darling. That division now has something to show for its work, as it's detailing the launches for both the Mission R and a limited edition Mission RS. The regular R will cost $29,999 (after a $2,500 tax credit), which nets a 163HP motor, a basic 105-mile battery and an information system with a camera, HUD and navigation. Upgrading to the $56,499 Mission RS (again, post-credit) brings lighter BST carbon fiber wheels, Öhlins FGRT forks and a 140-mile battery. The company begins deliveries this summer, although eco-friendly riders will need to pony up for one of 40 RS bikes to be part of the first batch -- the ordinary R comes later.

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